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Moving & Hauling

Does your business use several vehicles?

If you have more than one vehicle in your business which is used for moving or delivering equipment, stock, goods or even people, then commercial vehicle insurance is ideally suited to you.

Reduce costs

With this insurance you would be insuring all your vehicles under the same policy, rather than separately. This condenses your policy, simplifying and reducing the overall cost for your business.

As an Independent Broker, we work for YOU, not an insurance company

Personal & Small Groups

You’ll benefit from invaluable extras such as; courtesy cars and vans when needed and much more.

Events & Corporate Travel

Full cover for driving in any EU member country (365 days a year), for trailers, in-built devices and legal assistance.

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What if I have just one Commercial Vehicle?
Even if you have just one vehicle which you use in a business capacity, we will still be able to help. Please get in contact with us for a competitive quote.
Will a broker be more expensive?
Quite simply, no. As brokers, we can search with a large number of specialist insurers. These will be companies who are unavailable to online quote systems. We take into account you as an individual, with your unique circumstances and use these details to provide you with your own bespoke quote, rather than a one-size-fits-all online one. Our job is to get YOU the best insurance policy to suit you. We work for YOU not the insurers.
What about other insurances I may need for my business?

We can provide you with all the insurances you need for your business. You may need professional indemnity insurance or commercial property insurance (for example) as well as your vehicles covered. We can go through all your requirements and determine what you need for your business. By auditing thoroughly we can prevent you from spending more than you have to. Instead of getting several different insurances, we can often roll these into one insurance in order to save you money.

You’re better off with a broker

“Thank you for all your help with this and the work you did to bring the premium down. It does show how much better it is talking to a human being than doing it all online which is why I always try to stay with yourselves.” K. Mallett

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